3 Key Mistakes People Make When Choosing an SEO Company

It can be easy to become confused when choosing an SEO Company, not to mention all the competition in the marketplace nowadays. Fortunately, there is an easy way to be sure your making the right choice and are investing your businesses marketing budget wisely.

There many factors that one should look at before choosing an SEO Company that will determine if the SEO Company you’re looking at using is the right fit for you. We give you the best process to follow with the 3 key mistakes you should be aware of so that you can make the best choice:

Here are the 3 key things to check for:

1. Brand & Credibility

Does the SEO Company you’re looking at hiring have a ‘Brand’ behind them by use of a formal business name? By this we mean, do they only have a long-winded domain name OR do they have an actual business name registered?
If you’re dealing with a credible SEO Company in Australia, they will be legally registered with the Australian Business Register (ABR).
Click Here to do a business name search for their business name or brand name. If you find any records, make sure that the business is located in the same Australian State as the office address displayed on the SEO Company’s website. If the company does not have any contact information regarding their office address, STAY AWAY! If you cannot find any records on the ABR with their name, then also STAY AWAY!

2. SEO Company Reputation

Does the SEO Company claim to have testimonials from customers? 9 times out of 10, if they are a legitimate company they will want to bloat about their successes and be more than willing to offer customer testimonials.
Do a Google Search for “xxCompany-namexx Reviews”. Are there any results? If so, take the time to read through them to identify if any of the reviews look ‘made up’. If any of the reviews look to be deceiving, STAY AWAY! If you can’t see any official Google Reviews for them on the first page search results, STAY AWAY!

3. Pricing

The general rule of thumb is: Don’t just go with “the cheapest price”!
There is so much competition in the digital Marketing industry and for this reason, every SEO Company is trying to out-do their competitors and most of the time this is done through price cutting. Don’t be fooled! There are a lot of fake SEO Companies that want you to believe they are “100% Australian” but they are not. These same companies offer the worlds cheapest prices because the services they provide are also cheap. 99% of the time this is because these same SEO Companies actually outsource their work to countries abroad and to overseas freelancers who do an awful job at best. “You get what you pay for”.

Always choose quality over quantity and don’t focus on the cheapest price.

If you’re only looking around for an SEO Company with cheapest price on the web, then your going about things completely the wrong way. A friendly warning that if you’re basing your final decision on choosing an SEO Company just because they have the cheapest SEO Pricing, in our experience this means that they are most likely outsourcing their work overseas to less credible firms and sometimes even individual freelancers.

So what if an SEO Company outsources their work…why should that matter?

Your website could fall victim of a Google Penalty!

So many ‘Cheap SEO Companies’ resort to using cheap and nasty BlackHat SEO techniques that will destroy your website’s reputation with Google and also give your site a permanent black mark which cannot be reversed.

Google despises BlackHat SEO and the reason behind this is that it goes against their algorithm and was used in the past as a way to circumvent it for websites to achieve quick results. Nowadays Google will not think twice to ‘de-list’ your website from the index if you get caught repeatedly using such tactics.

What’s so bad about a Google Penalty? Basically put, if your site cops a Google Penalty then it is quite common to expect a loss of around 90%+ of your website’s organic traffic. That means DEAD business for you, no customers = no sales.

Your next steps…

Do your due diligence by following the 3 steps in the process above. If you’d feel more comfortable speaking to someone on the phone, you can book a free 30-minute strategy session with an SEO Specialist by clicking here.