Responsive Website Designs Are a Must

What is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive web design simply means to add some line of codes to original code so that your website will be platform independent which means if you view your website on a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile you don’t need to configure the width and height of the web paged you are viewing. In other words, a responsive website means you don’t have to make different versions for Desktop and Mobile, that saves the development time significantly.

In terms of SEO, responsive websites get better SEO scores.

Some browsers such as Firefox provide inbuilt responsiveness for the pages containing text data. Some frameworks such as Bootstrap, responsive CSS, W3.CSS are usually to for design responsive websites. For example, you want to display table on your page having 3 rows and 3 columns, by using these frameworks that space of rows and column will get automatically adjusted. And for mobiles and other devices, you don’t need to make separate websites and it will also give a nice look and feel to your website.

Therefore it’s always good for your website to be a responsive site. This is because, Responsive web designs are attractive, professional and suited toward mobile and tablets users. Today’s generation is being too mobile savvy and has overtaken desktops and laptops. It has become highly important since responsive web design functions best for all devices, even for mobiles and tabs.

The following are attributes of Responsive Website Design:

  1. Cost Effective (i.e. single website for all the devices)
  2. Having a single solution which suffices for all the devices is costs less than creating difference one for different devices.\
  3. Modification is Effortless (i.e. it can be modified easily for both user and developers)
  4. It is easy to update or modify at one single place and the changes will reflect in all the viewing screens (devices).

Responsive Web Design Benefits:

Best for eCommerce Solutions
It is of best interest website to have the same looks in all devices. You don’t have to import images of different sizes to your eCommerce store.

Google Friendly
Websites compatibility for all devices is highly recommended by Google. It’s best to have one single URL and one HTML regardless of the device, this enable Google algorithm to crawl and index easily.

CMS Integrated
Uploading or modifying content with CMS is easy as you need to make changes to one and it reflects in all devices and screen sizes.

Platforms and Framework support
• No Content Duplication
• Improve mobile search rankings

Responsive web design is in demand for following reasons:

  • Mobile users are dominating the web traffic
  • Responsive web fits the desktop, tab as well as mobiles devices, which helps in getting more users to the website
  • Presently Google search engine ranks responsive websites better
  • Responsive web design enables businesses to transform e-commerce

According to NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the leading provider of cloud-based financials/ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, in Oct 14th 2014, announced the new customer rollouts on NetSuite Venda’s next-generation responsive web design (RWD) solution that will enables retail businesses to provide consumers with rich and seamless online shopping experiences that are optimized for multiple devices. Many forward retailers thinkers like Denby, Emma Bridgewater, and Cloggs and others who are reaping the benefits of NetSuite Venda’s responsive web design solution to dramatically improve customer experiences, react instantly to the new device launches (e.g. iPhone 6 attract a lot of visitors to their websites, and also drive higher conversion rates which increase their sales across the globe.)

In today’s world, consumers expect a consistent and seamless online shopping experience regardless of the device used with many consumers moving between different devices at different times of the day.

Higher conversion increased sales!

A responsive web design brand which is experience across different devices has been proven to increase conversion rates and more sales, as well as engaging customer services thereby improve their loyalty.

Lower costs of Maintaining a single site increased agility versus a multitude of devices for specific sites means retailers are minimizing costs and increasing agility and speed to market, therefore improving search engine optimization (SEO).
Wider audience, more customers – RWD maximizes the reach and audience for a website by providing a seamless experience regardless of device.
When some retail brands like Emma Bridgewater, discovered that approximately 50 percent of visitors visit their website using their smartphone or tablet and significantly underperformed those visiting via their desktop computer, they quickly make a bold step to build a responsive website for their company. After a successful launch, both on time and budget, the company has seen double-digit improvement in conversion rates across all devices, with mobile conversion over double that of the same period last year, and tablet conversion up over 40 percent. As a result of these improved conversion rates, there has be a significant contribution year-on-year on revenue growth.

New responsive websites ensure that customers are getting the best experience no matter which device they’re using.